I’m Peter.

bibles4“Peter let me tell you something. Before the rooster crows tomorrow morning, you will deny three times that even know me.”  – Luke 22:34

When I read the account of Peter denying Jesus, I am always baffled. “How could he deny the Son of God!?” After everything he’s seen. After all the grace he’s been shown! How could he!? Then I’m grieved as the Holy Spirit reveals something to me: “You’re Peter.”


“That’s right. You.”

“Not me, Lord! I would never deny you!”

“. . . .”

That’s right. I’m Peter.

I deny Him. I betray Him. I give Him up. I leave Him. I resist Him. I run from Him – FAST! Like Super Fast!

Whenever He wants to wash my feet, to serve me, to speak to me early in the morning. Whenever He wants to convict of sin, tell me to stop something, to give something up. Whenever He wants to heal me, to bind up my wounds. When he wants to restore me, to serve me, even though I’ve rejected Him so often. I’m Peter


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