Broken and Poured Out


“The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit. You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, o God.”        – Psalm 51:17

All throughout the earth, God is looking for broken and contrite men and women who are absolutely undone by who HE is. In Luke chapter 7, an adulterous woman brings her alabaster jar of very expensive perfume before Jesus and proceeds to break it open and pour it out on him while others made fun and scoffed, saying “doesn’t he know, what kind of woman she is? A sinner!” The men who made great sacrifices with arrogant hearts were the ones unjust, while a woman who was broken walked away JUST before the Lord.

Question: What would it look like if we took our prized possessions (time, money, attention, affection) and broke them open in a devoted effort to lavish our love upon the Lord. Why we’d be like this woman whom Christ held in such high esteem. But furthermore, what would it be like if our lives     looked much like that alabaster jar, full of potential and a sweet life created and bottled up in our flesh by God himself, BROKEN and POURED OUT upon Jesus Christ and The Father in unrelenting love and adoration?

THIS is precious in the eyes of the Lord. THIS is just.

Father, let us resolve to be broken and repentant people before you! Let us live solely devoted to you and you alone. You are our joy!

Psalm 51, Luke 7


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